Wyoming Mail Forwarding

Wyoming mail forwarding for your Wyoming corporate office address.  All levels of the Wyoming virtual office virtual office that we offer include Wyoming mail forwarding.  Wyoming mail forwarding is a great option to have when you own a Wyoming corporation, Wyoming llc or some other Wyoming entity.  Mailing addresses for a Wyoming limited liability company and Wyoming corps are public record and anyone can see it in the public online Wyoming database search seen here: https://wyobiz.wy.gov/Business/FilingSearch.aspx.  Instead of the world knowing your home address and that you are associated with the Wyoming company, list a Wyoming virtual office address instead.  The lowest plan cost $29 a month and includes free postage on envelopes when forwarding mail once a week with Wyoming mail forwarding.  If you only need a small amount of mail and you do not need a separate address than the agent, our agent service comes with free mail forwarding.

How Does Wyoming Mail Forwarding Work?

Give your new Wyoming mail forwarding address out to all of your business contacts.  List your Wyoming corporate office address with domain registrations, online directories, 4-1-1 listings, applications, on letterhead, business cards, invoices, websites and many other needs for a business address.  When the mail arrives at your new Wyoming address, it is sorted and the face of the envelope is scanned to your online account.  The mail is held at our secured storage area until it is your designated day of the week for your Wyoming mail to be forwarded to you anywhere in the United States.  There is not an extra charge when we forward mail to you unlike other Wyoming corporate office providers.  Envelope postage is free and there is not a handling charge.  You pay us once a month or once a year, not every time you want mail.  Avoid greedy corporations that are headquartered out of Wyoming.  They swoop into weird places like Sheridan and have UPS store accounts in middle of nowhere towns like Rock Springs or Lander.  If you happen to have any boxes sent to us, we forward those at the cost of FedEx, UPS or USPS.  There is not an extra charge for handling.  Just the shipping companies rates.

You can order the bronze service below or upgrade to one of our full Wyoming virtual offices on the order page or order drop down menu.  Please call us if you have any questions.  We are here Monday through Friday 8 am to 5 pm mountain time at (307) 637-5151 to help you.  We are not a one person show here, we actually answer the phone and are polite and courteous.

Bronze Level

$ 29 /mo

Unique Suite Number

Cheyenne WY Street Address

Unlimited Mail Forwarding

Online Account

Packages Sent at Cost

Silver Level
Mail | Phone

$ 49 /mo

Bronze Plus:

(307) Phone Number

Fax to Email Number

Free VoIP Phone

Unlimited Calls

Gold Level
Mail | Phone | Operator

$ 79 /mo

Silver Plus:

Live Operator

Message Taking

Call Forwarding

Custom Greeting

Registered Agent
20 Pieces of Mail Forwarding

$ 99 /yr

1 Year Registered Agent

20 Pieces Mail Forwarding

Online Account

Annual Report Filing

Agent Address Use